About Us

Have you ever heard of Prosper Fingal? Do you know anyone who uses our services? Do you know anything about the work we do? Well, whether you know a lot about Prosper Fingal, a little bit or nothing at all, we hope through our website you’ll learn something new.

Prosper Fingal was set up in 1978 by parents and friends of people with learning disabilities because there was a lack of services for this group in the Fingal area when they finished school. With support from parents / carers, the local community and the local Health Board (now Health Service Executive), we have always delivered services around the needs and wishes of the people who use our services. We continue to enjoy that community support today.

When we started we were called ‘Fingal Workshop’ and the focus was on highly supervised, highly supported, centre-based activities. In the 1990’s this changed. Prosper Fingal wanted to support people with disabilities to participate more in society and so we started to focus more on community-based services and we haven’t looked back. In 2000 our name changed from ‘Fingal Workshop’ to ‘Prosper Fingal’ to reflect further our move away from the old ways of working for people to working with people.

Over the years we have got bigger and bigger because more and more people have wanted our support. The energy and enthusiasm that first established Prosper Fingal has grown with the organisation and we are proud of the positive, forward-thinking, progressive Company that we have become. Now, in 2012, we operate from several locations across North County Dublin. Just over 250 people are supported by dedicated staff. We now have a variety of different services and supports to meet lots of different needs.

We are a central part of the community of Fingal and we work in partnership with parents / carers, the community, employers, other disability organisations, advocacy groups, voluntary agencies / bodies, Fingal County Council, County Dublin VEC and Government to better meet the needs of the people who use our services. A special mention must go to the Health Service Executive (HSE) on behalf of whom we deliver services.