Key Working

Another strategy we have in place to make sure people are treated as individuals is key working. When a person comes to Prosper Fingal a staff member is appointed to work closely with them. This person is called a key worker. They will first help the person settle in and then touch base with the person through regular individual key working sessions to make sure the services and supports provided are meeting the person's needs. The key worker is the service user's first point of call. The key worker may change on request by the individual, if the services and supports they receive change or if the key worker leaves the Company. The key worker will:

  • Get to know the person very well
  • Support the person to build relationships
  • Help the person speak up for themselves or speak up on their behalf
  • Make sure Prosper Fingal works towards meeting the person's needs and wishes
  • Help the person reach the goals in their Person Centred Plan
  • Liaise with families and other providers