Prosper Fingal Training Centre and Me

by James O’Connor

My name is James O’Connor and I am 20 years old. I live at home in Ballyboughal with my mam and dad. My sister goes to university in Edinburgh. I love to use computers, go on the internet and watch TV. My favourite programmes are The Simpsons, Top Gear and ‘How They Do It’ on Discovery Channel.


I like going to Prosper Fingal. What I like is coming to the Training Service and doing cooking, computers and word searches. I have learnt new things about money which is important for buying phone credit. I now know a person who spends money in a shop is a customer or consumer. I learnt that if I bought a drink and it was gone off I’d say “this drink doesn’t taste nice, can I have my money back please”.


In the centre we learn stuff. We learn about money, using Microsoft Word, going on Internet Explorer, cooking, going to shops for ingredients, writing and using mobile phones. When we do citizenship class we look at roles like a consumer, that’s going to cafes and volunteer, like raising money for Happy Hearts. In health we learn about having a shower; what’s good for your heart and bad for your heart. We do the Friendship Programme, which means going out to the pub for lunch, the Pavilions or the cinema with your friends.


I’ve been on respite trips, we went bowling and to the pictures. I’ve been on a boys’ holiday to Athlone. The hotel was nice and we were beside the River Shannon. It was excellent and I would go again because I enjoyed myself.


In the Malahide respite house I stayed for four nights with two friends. We watched TV, did our own cooking and mopped the floor. It was exciting because my friend Ross was there and we had a laugh.


If I was at home I would be absolutely bored so I’d like to stay with Prosper Fingal because I like learning computers and going out; going up to the Pavilions. I’m actually happy that I’m here. I come in happy every day.