Applying for a Service

Prosper Fingal receives referrals for its services and supports from either the individual themself or from others advocating on their behalf.  Others include their family, the HSE, special schools for children with intellectual disability, mainstream schools, other agencies and services.  Referrals can be received by telephone, letter, email or in person.  The contact details are:

Admissions Co-ordinator,

Prosper Fingal, Seatown Road, Swords, Co. Dublin. Tel. 01 8493600

On receipt of a referral, Prosper Fingal’s Admissions Co-ordinator will contact the person who made the referral to discuss the individual’s requirements and to determine if they meet the following core criteria:

  • Aged 18 years or over by the desired start date
  • Formally assessed by a registered psychologist as having an intellectual disability. Important: Prosper Fingal prioritises individuals assessed as being within the Moderate range.
  • Residing within the County of Fingal Local Electoral Areas of Balbriggan, Swords or Howth-Malahide (a detailed breakdown of these areas can be sought from Fingal County Council on 01-8905000).

If the referral meets the above criteria, an appointment will be made to meet with the individual and their advocates in order to ascertain the needs of the person, discuss Prosper Fingal and the supports it provides and to explain Prosper Fingal’s admissions policy, criteria and process.

This will involve submitting a completed ‘Prosper Fingal Application Form’ and a ‘Consent to Seek Information Form’ to allow the Admissions Co-ordinator obtain the relevant reports and information needed to further assess the referral against Prosper Fingal’s full Admission Criteria.  Any offer of service is subject to the referral meeting the criteria in full and the approval of the HSE.

Prosper Fingal will make every effort to handle each referral efficiently and with the involvement of the individual and their advocates at all times.  To get further details on making a referral, please contact the Admissions Co-ordinator.


Policy on Admission, Transfer and Exit

Click this link to download a PDF of this policy