How can Prosper Fingal support me?

Prosper Fingal wants to support each individual to live the life they choose in the same way and same place as everyone else.

Core Principles:
Prosper Fingal uses a person-centred approach.
  • We listen to every person.
  • We help people make plans about their lives.
  • We keep helping when the person gets older.


Prosper Fingal works with families and carers.
  • We involve families and carers to help people who use our service.


Prosper Fingal thinks having the right staff is important.

  • Staff will listen to you.
  • Staff will support you well.


Prosper Fingal helps people in their community.
  • Prosper Fingal will support people in their community.
  • For example, go out for coffee with friends, go to the cinema, go to the library or join a club.




Person Centred Planning:
Every person who attends Prosper Fingal has their own Person Centred Plan.
The person centred plan is about:
  • The person’s goals (what you want to do).
  • Who is going to help.
  • How you want to do it.


Prosper Fingal will help the person to meet their goal.




Key Working:
All service users will have a staff member to talk to. This staff is called the person’s key worker.
The key worker:
  • Helps the person get used to Prosper Fingal.
  • Gets to know the person.
  • Helps the person to build relationships.
  • Helps the person to speak up.
  • Helps the person to reach their goals.