David's Story

My name is David O’Connor and I live Sutton, with my mum and dad. I am thirty two. I joined Prosper Fingal in 1997 when I finished in the CRC. My first service that I attended was Rush.  I worked in the pottery workshop with Ray, which I loved. It was good fun and I met a lot of new people and learned new skills. I stayed in Rush for two years and then moved on to do training in Piercetown. I did my level 1 and 2 pottery exams which I passed!! I also completed a skills training programme in Piercetown called TOPs.


I moved to the Portmarnock service in September, 2001. I had my friends starting at the same time as me so this helped a lot. I have now settled into Portmarnock and have a big group of friends. I absolutely love most things I do such as, community trips which help me learn more about travelling independently and independent living skills, and the friendship group, which helps me to get to know more about my friends and what they like to do. I really enjoy sports which happen on Thursdays in the sports and leisure complex in Portmarnock.


I am a big fan of swimming and I am a Special Olympics athlete.  I am in a club called the Cormorants. I train four times a week. I have competed in a lot of countries and won many medals. Now I am in the Speak Up Group in Portmarnock. I am a representative for other service users and help them to bring up issues they may have. These are then sorted out in the service user monthly meetings.


I have a key worker called Áine who helps me with any problems that happen, and any extra training that I need. I have a social worker who helps me with any other issues I want to talk about.


I work in Supervalu on Fridays. I pack bags and organise the baskets. I really enjoy my job and have made many friends in Supervalu. Laurence from Prosper Fingal helps me in work and drops in from time to time to see how I am getting on.


I sometimes get the chance to stay in Malahide House, a house run by Prosper Fingal which encourages and teaches me to be more independent. I really enjoy the time that I have in the house as I get to go with all my friends. We take turns in cooking for each other and I get to do my own washing. We will sometimes go for a game of pool or for a pint in the local pub.