Prosper Fingal's commitment to the people who use our services is set out in our core purpose, core values and core operational principles which underpin how we conduct business.

Core Purpose:

To support each individual to live the life they choose, in the same way and same places as everybody else

Core Values:

  • Treat each person as an individual
  • Respect each person's adulthood and rights as an adult
  • Listen to what people have to say
  • Encourage people to make their own decisions and choices
  • Support people to be part of their local community
  • Support people to develop their skills, talents and interests


Core Operational Principles:

  1. Being person-centred in what we do
    This means putting the person first. It means appreciating every service user as a unique individual and planning supports according to how the individual wants to lead his or her life as and how he or she wishes.
  2. Enabling active citizenship
    Every person with a disability has a right to be part of their local community. We will support people to learn about and be included in their community. We will support people to avail of opportunities in the mainstream and to secure supports and services outside of Prosper Fingal.
  3. Involving families and carers
    The family and carers of the people who use our services are very important and are often centrally involved in how a person plans and lives their life. We will work alongside families and carers to support the people who use our services to live a full and active life.
  4. Having the right staff
    Staff play a critical role in making sure people are supported properly. We aim to appoint staff that are appropriately qualified, who are committed and who take a positive and professional approach to their work. We look for staff who will be ambitious for the people they support.
  5. Providing quality services
    Prosper Fingal is committed to providing services that are based on best-practice and which meet approved standards. We do this by implementing nationally-recognised guidelines and protocols, developing a quality culture within the organisation and undertaking service evaluations. We strive to provide better services by listening and responding to service user needs and aspirations and challenging ourselves towards continuous improvement through on-going staff and service development.

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